Welcome to Chinese New Year …..

February 25th, 2013

Chinese new year …. where dragons rule the streets tables are set vertically and lions really do fly!!!

The enormous flying dragon that ruled the parade


fire breathing dragon

watch out if the lion comes to dinner the dishes and glasses go sky high

Lion Dancers Fly


light painting

November 4th, 2012
little paper boats

paper boats waiting to float on the sea

what a fun visit to the sculpture by the sea exhibition in sydney

last week I met my friend and we trekked down after dark to Sydney’s Sculpture by the sea to do a little light painting. We armed ourselves with all the gear we could carry a couple of beers and one torch.  Its a great time to veiw the show as the crowds have gone home and you pretty much have the place to yourself ….but you do have to hunt around to discover some of the sculptures in the dark.  Lighting our way with the  trusty little torch we had a fine time and got some great shots to boot





the road from orange

August 11th, 2012

stopped to take a few pictures on my way back from orange


travels through europe

August 16th, 2011

Hi as you might know I recently did a little travelling and thought I might share what I saw in europe and hong kong

sky scrapers

 this is what hong kong seens to want you to see but

street scene


but this was kinda the real hong kong


and so to london

we saw a little rain

brollies at the ready

and then a little more

the banks are broken

then the sun kinda came out

london streets

and it just sparkled a little

red phone booths i love em but they smell a little ickky when you get close

and got pretty busy

those phone booths get tired and need a little lie down

but if you get up early…..

you can have london all to yourself


such lovely faces in the windows

the lovely guardians of fortnum and mason

 and a trip out to royal ascot showed us how its really done

not a cheap suit in sight

not a cheap suit in sight

after all londons dreariness a trip to the azure coast is just the tonic

mmm the plage a magical place where campari appears like magic

the plaza is a pattern lovers dream

we love patterns !!!

refreshed !!!!!!!

to paris !!

mmm that weather again

and we are back to that summer?? weather

what a fab place for lunch !!!

skip these crowds and go straight to the resturant

the happy crowd in the other lift

oh   and get a merry go round ride at the bottom

merry go round

a day trip to versailles is a must .. and get yourself to the village and make haste to the creperie for lunch … sorry there is no picture we were too busy eating they were too good

the gate

versailles is too big to get it all in just one picture but there is a lot of gilding

look at those clouds

 we stayed near this

you have seen the gargoyles but did you notice the doors


and of course we went to visit the most popular girl in paris

everyones favorite girl

 the crowds did not disapoint still out in force half an hour till closing time

then it was time to go home exhausted





August 15th, 2011

lovely faces found in london